Shopping for area rugs? Let us help?

Shopping for area rugs? Let us help?

Your shopping for a new area rug and there's way more choices than you thought.  Here are a few tips to get you started when choosing the right area rug for your homes space.  Color, pattern and texture are all personal choices that will represent your own personal design style.

- is your room or space formal or informal?

- is the are rug going to define your decoration scheme or will it support the decor you already have?

- The tone of the rug will it be bright or subdued?

Shape- What is the best shape for your space?

With this questions answered you can now start to pin down the options and move towards color, pattern and texture.

- with floor coverings accounting for almost 30% of the color in your room you must choose this wisely.  Do you want your area rug to the main focal point?  Or do you want to choose a rug with a few colors which will allow you pick shades you would like to you use as wall colors, pillows and decor. You can also choose to keep the rug more neutral having it play a secondary role so your homes furnishing are on display. 

- on of the most personal choices in my opinion.  What matters most is how the pattern or design makes you feel. The best choice is what best describes your style from traditional to contemporary speaking to you.  Patterned rugs can be used in large rooms for conversation pieces or for spaces you would like to define and feel more intimate. Patterned rugs are great under tables or high traffic areas as they hide stains and wear.

- The feel of something when you touch it, in this case an area rug.  This again can be a personal preference. Texture can be by laying rugs, or a shaggy rug or a plush pile.  You can choose to play on other textures in your space from a sofa, to window treatments, pillows or accessories.  

- This is probably the only question that we professional can really direct you with, everything else till now was all personal preferences.  To start, measure your room and then follow our room-by-room measuring guide to find the best fit that you can find on the follow link