Indoor/Outdoor Rugs,

Outdoor Rugs have change the world of rugs.  Once thought of as being a summer only rug and disposing of when it had been used up is just not the case anymore.  Indoor/outdoor rugs have a wide variety of colors, patterns, styles and uses.  They are more commonly used indoors, when you think about the applications of them, high traffic areas, areas prone to spillage, or anywhere that might see moisture, than they can be used in many places in a home, what took us so long to figure this out.  They are also cost friendly...What a BONUS!!!
Take a look around your home and you may realize the uses of indoor/outdoor rug for your very own home.   Here's a few places they can serve you great:

Your Kitchen or dinning room, a rug in a kitchen can soften the hard flooring, and easily add a pop of color to the room. A moisture-friendly rug is a bonus, and they spot clean easily for any little drips or spills you may have in the kitchen or at the dinning room table.

For the Bathroom, add a little splash of glamour with a chic stylish, durable rug. You'll love it even more on those chilly mornings with an added layer under foot.   Again, outdoor rugs deal well with moisture, a bathroom is a definite place you'll find moisture.

Kids Room, I know this wouldn't be your first thought, but honestly lets think about what goes on in here. Rough and tumble play time, markers, crayons,  sippy-cups, snacks,  and of course spills.  With the durability of an outdoor rug and clean ups are a cinch.  Adding a bright, graphic design rug can match with the personality of the little ones.  If need be, take it right outside, they clean up nicely with a hose if need be.

Basements, this is an easy one, basement are notorious for moisture and flooding.  With prices of outdoor rugs being so inexpensive, and the fact that the literally clean up amazingly, a basement is a great space for these versatile/durable rugs.  

Entryway, this is the gateway for dirt into your home.  The place most dirt is collected.  Shoes, pets, dirt and leaves make there way into this area.  Wouldn't it be ideal to just take the rug outside, hose it off, and presto, cleaning a rug is easy.  And they continue to wear great!  

Laundry Rooms, bet you didn't think of this.  This area is a potential mess waiting to happen.  With all the traffic in and out of this area, a rug that can handle spills is a plus.  A happy, bold pattern rug can cheer up the dreaded space and add a little life to it.

Decks and Patios, back at were it all started.  An outdoor rug for OUTDOORS.  Using the right outdoor rug in your space can truly create living outdoors.  Adding comfort to your foot, defining an area for casual talk or dinning, what ever you choose can bring your outside area alive.

With the many choices available for outdoor rugs the options are about endless.  Whether you choose a hand made rug, which offers more details and colors or you go with a machine made rug with offers a better quality and a consistent look or Braided Outdoor rug, Outdoor Floor Mats or Bamboo Mats all offer great durability and wear.