Air.o Mohawk Carpet

Air.o by Mohawk

Mohawk has re-engineered carpet construction, making Air.o the next generation of soft flooring.  Absorbing zero moisture, liquid or odor.  Air.o offers a simple to install, easy to maintain, better performing and more sustainable soft surface.

Great for homes with kids. From top to bottom and all the way through this product does not absorb moisture making it great for kids with allergies.  Air.o Is hypoallergenic, it will not support the growth or spread of allergens such as mold, mildews and dust mites. 

Easy to clean, the construction of Air.o provides airflow, which will release dust, dirt and dander more easily when vacuuming.  Leaving your home cleaner. 

Air.o is VOCs free and has no odors and is latex free.  No smell during installation.

Fun fact, 69% of people have respiratory conditions, which is similar to the number of people who own pets.  This, explains why there is a need for a hypoallergenic flooring. 

Stop in Carpet Mill Flooring USA today to feel for yourself why Air.o is a great choice for your homes carpet. We are happy to help here at your "Beautiful Floor Store".