August 17th, 2016

Choosing the Right Area Rug for your Space

Center Stage
Most people think of a rug as just
 an accessory, but designer consider it a focal point, a place to make your mark, it can be the foundation of a gorgeous space. Designer Amy Bubier suggests getting the rug first. "Often, rugs are the more limiting piece when it comes to pattern, color and what fits into your budget, so you may want to start with the rug design and move on to the fabrics and paint from there," she says. Designer David Scott says an area rug should be the "soul of your room," and the "color scheme, furniture placement and accessories should all connect back to it."
​Family Friendly Rug

Children and pets will certainly bring quick wear and tear to an area rug, so keep this in mind when deciding what colors and particularly what fabric to use.  Most designer will agree "the number one rule of decorating with area rugs is to purchase the rug with your lifestyle in mind. If you have pets and young kids, be sure to use rugs that can clean easily and have some pattern to hide the inevitable signs of life — stains, hair and spills."
Getting the Perfect Size Rug

Designer suggests making the size of the area rug slightly smaller than the area covered by the furniture. The rug should be large enough to anchor and support the gathering space of furniture, yet it should free enough flooring around for the circulation flow.  The size of the area rug depends on the furniture layout. We prefers the front two legs of the sofas and chairs to be placed on the area rug. So as the rug would not feel as though it was floating with nothing on it. 
Rugs Add Colorful Additions

Neutral walls and furnishings allow a bold rug to take center stage. It is a nice way to add color to a room if you don't want to commit to a strong color on the furnishings or window treatments, "It warms up the room and can define different spaces within a larger room." The sitting area is separated by an extra-colorful area rug in this spacious playroom.
​Rugs Come In All Shapes and Sizes

Stuck with a long, narrow living room? Area rugs come in all shapes and sizes, and there's one for every space. Designer's say that an area rug's shape should depend on the furniture and the shape and size of the room. In dining rooms we suggests using a rectangular rug with a long table, a hexagonal rug with a square table and a round rug with a round table. She uses a rectangular area rug in this living room to mirror the long shape of the space.
Floor BorderWhen adding an area rug to a room, don't completely cover the floor. Make sure you leave some of the flooring showing — I usually come in about 9-12 inches from the baseboard.  To expose the floor underneath the rug and present a border, its like creating a stage!
Creating Floor Border With Your Area Rug

When adding an area rug to a room, don't completely cover the floor. "Make sure you leave some of the flooring showing — the rule of thump is to come in about 9-12 inches from the baseboard, if possible.  I like to expose the floor underneath the rug and present a border. Its like creating a stage for your space.
Choosing a rug for your space is personal, and there are so many choices out there.  Do your
research, stop into a knowledgeable flooring store and ask questions, take home samples,
and feel the product.  Learning what kind of material you would need for your
personal home is very important.  A reputable store can help you with any
question and give you great advice and keep within your budget.  
Most importantly have fun and enjoy!