Back To School, It's time to do something for you!!

     Crisp mornings, school schedules, football games, sweaters, apples and pumpkins; all things we associate with fall. Now that the kids are out of the house and back to school and the clutter is cut down, the house stays cleaner longer, we think its time to start thinking about your floors.  Its time to do something for you!  
AREA RUGS-  Some people just want a quick spruce up.  Either they don't have the time or money to go for the full overhaul or maybe they have gorgeous hardwood flooring and would like to soften things up underfoot. Either way adding some color and definition to their personal space.  Selecting the right rug for your space may seem overwhelming to some, but its also so much fun.  Take a quick measurement, or check on some of my previous blogs for the proper rug placements and stop in today to browse our Designer Rug Collection.   From any size to any style we have it.  We like to think of an area rug as the stage for your furniture, with the correct one everything comes alive.
Hardwood Flooring- If you thinking you want to whole thing, the gorgeous hardwood flooring you have always dreamed up.  Lets make that dream a reality.  Stop in today to see the enormous collection of colors and woods to choose from.  Are you willing to go out on a limb and do a white wash hardwood floor, or is the simple tradition oak more your style, maybe a hand scraped hickory is what would fit your homes style.  From dark to light, natural to antique, traditional width and length or the more modern wide planks the options are endless.  We offer free in-home estimates and a knowledgeable team to walk you through the whole process.  There is nothing like hardwood floors through out you home to make that big impact statement.  Leave your guest talking about the beauty you created and you loving simplicity they offer.  Hardwood floors are always in style.
Luxury Vinyl Flooring- This isn't your grandma's vinyl.  Luxury Vinyl may be the product that has come the furthest in recent years.  From is look alike natural grain and color of hardwood, to the durable it offers of many being water resistant and tough on impact, and adding to the appeal is the low cost.  If you you want the look of hardwood but its just out of reach for your budget, stop and browse these beautiful vinyl flooring and see why they are so popular for today's home.
Tile Flooring-Use mostly in bathrooms or kitchen some people don't even think about it for home flooring.  But tile has just as many style options out there as some other flooring.  Not only is it great for the warm climates, but it great for families with kids and pets.  Its durable and water resistant and easy to clean up.  The new look alike wood style has grown in popularity with different lengths and widths now available.  Color variations and smooth or texture look make tile every more popular in more rooms than the bathroom.  
Bathrooms and Back splashes- Sometimes you just need to update one room.  Bathrooms always seem to be a starting place home owners.  Everyone wants an oasis to retreat to in their home, and bathrooms are normally number one.  Creating a serene environment for you to relax at the end of the day is important. Complimenting colors of tiles and with your decor will help the environment.  Adding candles and soft fluffy towels that coordinate with the shower and floor tile will bring the whole room together, making it a room you want to leave.  

If adding a back splash to your kitchen is whats on the agenda, its a great way to add some color and personal style.  When choosing the right back splash tile for your home consider the counter tops, style of your kitchen, cabinet and wall colors.  Take home multiple samples and see the in your own home against all your finishing and the natural light and artificial lighting your room.  Often you may love it in the store or pictures but it just may not match your home.  Back splashes really can finish off a kitchen so getting them right is important.  Always popular is the subway tile, glass mosaics and travertine tile are commonly used as well.