Bedding, RELAX.....with layers and layers

Choosing the right top layer for you,
Most people don't often think about the top layer of bedding, you walk into your local store find a style or design you like and bring it home.  But a few things you should know first, here is a list to help you decide which would work best for you.
Climate and personal preference are always the main deciding factor for people, but we will break it down for you to help you understand your options,

Down and Down-Alternative Comforters
FILL TYPES- lofty European white down, airy and resilient polyester fiberfill
                    - hypoallergenic options, both natural and synthetic fill
FILL POWER- the measure of space in cubic inches,  ounce or down will occupy at maximum loft.
                      - the higher the fill power the lighter, fluffier and more insulated the comforter
                      - the suggested fill power is between 500-600+ cubic inches, in this range the down is very resilient,                           retains body heat and provides greater breath ability
FILL WEIGHT- measured in ounces, so a higher ounce wight mean heavier comforter
                      - yet, heavy does not mean hot
                      - a high fill weight and a low fill power, it will feel reassuringly heavy wihtout being too warm
Duvet Cover
   Prolongs the lifespan and appearance of your comforter by protecting it from dust and dirt
   provides a quick update, can be match with current accessories, and are usually machine washable
   available in sets to provide coordinating looks with shams and throw pillows
Quilts & Bedspreads
   a lighter, alternative layer when a comforter is not necessary
   comprised of a two stitch woven outer layer and a batting fill for a custom look and soft feel
Blankets & Throws
   provide an extra layer of warmth
   thicker than a flat sheet, but thinner than a comforter or quit
Bed In A Bag
   provides a quick update
   contains a comforter & any combinations of bed skirts, coverlet, sham, European sham and decorative pillows    to make your perfect bed
Decorative Pillows
   provide the finishing touch to your bedding style-traditional or contemporary designs to add subtle style or        act as a focal point