Choosing Summer Bedding

Its come to an end, yes winter, we can finally say Spring has sprung, summer is coming, days are getting longer, wind is warmer and kids will be out of school and summer vacation starts.  We are do those few things around the house to get ready, put the screens in the windows, plant our gardens, do some spring cleaning, but we often over look our winter bedding, which is were we spend an awful of time.  Changing out your down comforters to a lightweight coverlet signifies the coming of warmer months. In any bedroom in the house, but why not start with yours!
​After all you deserve it.
Tips for Choosing Your Spring Bedding:
-Determine your mattress size, most of you this is obviously, but just be sure you know the true size which is determined by width, length and height of mattress.  Sizes can be twin, full, queen, king or california king, even split twins now.  And if you have a mattress topping you will need to look for extra-deep pocket sheets.
Pick a material, Select a suitable material for the season.  You want to stay away from fabrics like flannel and fleece, which trap in heat.  Look for fabrics that are light and airy materials such as bamboo fibers and lightweight cotton. Selecting light colors also goes with the spring feel.
Be aware of allergies, of you or anyone in your home has with allergies choosing natural fiber materials will help those suffering with spring allergies to get a better nights rest.  Bamboo, all-natural cotton and hemp are a few hypoallergenic or organic options in bedding materials for those who live with allergies.
Go Lightweight, Choose a lightweight duvet or quilt. Staying cool and comfortable at night as the weather warms up is key to a good nights sleep, so select a duvet or quit made of lightweight cotton covers and low fill count.

Let it bloom, if you looking for a soft feel, select floral patterns and pastel colors.  Spring just screams for a softer color palette, so choosing bed sheets, duvet and comforter sets designed with printed flowers, small birds and nature themed designs will being the outdoors in. 
Also selecting sheets and bed covers in solid pastels, such as yellows, sky blues, mint greens and light pinks will continue the spring feeling you are looking for.
A fresh new look to lighten up the space of any bedroom will only contribute to a better nights sleep.  Adding light weight duvet or quits keep you cool as the warm weather approaches.  Some color in pastels and nature designs bring the outdoors in helping to create the perfect setting for your space.