Classic Home Furniture

     "Everyday we find ourselves motioning through life's routines.  When the days come to a close, 
its only natural to seek comfort, relaxation and a sense of inner calm.  
     As individuals, we have the opportunity to surround ourselves with the things that inspire us 

and reflect our personal taste and individual character. 
 Nothing allows to openly display our personality to friends and family more than our home."
Classic Home Furniture


 Classic Home is diverse in its style, from modern to tradition to anything in between.  It is constantly changing and evolving, offering one of a kind and handcrafted pieces for all areas of your home.  We here at the Carpet Mill pride ourselves as Classic Home does on knowing everyone has there own individual taste and style.   We know people like to express themselves and doing so in your home and perfect place.  Whether you are looking for flooring, furniture or pillows we have you covered.  Offering the widest variety for flooring options to now blend with home furniture and pillows.  We believe its your home, so make it yours!
Furniture for any area of your home available.  Stop by and we will happily show you the catalog with a full description of all their products.  And you can see a few pieces we have on hand in the show room.