Real Life Flooring, Thats life Proof!

COREtec , The Original 100% Waterproof Flooring

Flooring needs are changing as we ask floors to do more every day.  We are lucky that COREtec has kept up with the demand we put on everyday living in our homes.  Everyone is busy these days with long hours at the office, sports practices and school activities, doggies play groups, growing families. Our homes need to take more ware and tear than every before. 

COREtec has stepped up to the plate, creating a flooring that won't warp or buckle no matter the moisture its exposed too.   Which makes it the perfect flooring to put in laundry rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, mudrooms and basements, but not limited too.  Adding a soft feeling under foot it makes it great for your whole home or office as well.  COREtec can handle your major plumbing problems, to the daily spills and mud prints.  Stop the worry and enjoy that little bit of down time more often.

COREtec is not only waterproof, its scratch resistant.  Offering another added benefit for that busy house hold.  Mornings can be hectic, kids, pets the whole family running from room to room to get out of the house on time.  Its inevitable that a fork or plate wont fall to the floor, or the dog wont came skidding around the corner chasing that cat,  with COREtec you can relax just a little more since your floor is made with resilient protective wear layer that helps keeps your floors looking as good as the day you got them.  This is how all COREtec flooring can offer a limited lifetime residential warranty.

Along with needing your flooring to stand up to your life you also would like them to be stylish.  COREtec didn't just stop at creating a highly wearable floor, but took it a step further to design some beautiful styles.  If your choosing a flooring that can last a lifetime you also want to love it that long.  COREtec offers a large variety of colors, styles and designs.  From wood look alike to stone planks and tiles. Dark to light colors, there's an endless choice of options. 

Interested in updated your homes flooring or in a new project than COREtec may be just want your looking for.  Looking a for a long lasting, stylish floor that can stand up to kids, pets, leaks, messes and just every day busy real life stuff that happens than COREtec is the flooring for you.