Decorators Tip #2

Care and Cleaning of your Rugs/Carpets:

Karastan Carpet
Rugs received a lot of abuse throughout the year, dirt, grime, dust, pets and kids.  Like with all things, it’s good to remember to take some time to properly care and maintain them so they can last you years.  Following these general recommendations will help:

● Vacuum regularly to removed dirt, dust and surface soils.  Vacuuming certain fibers such as wool, require you to adjust the height of the beater bar to the highest setting to prevent damaging the rugs surface.

● never pull a thread out of the rug; always trim them even with the rugs surface

● Clean spills and spots immediately never rub spills/soils; always blot to prevent fraying of the fabrics.

● having a professional cleaning service is recommended periodically.

● Use a pad under all rugs, even outdoor rug pads are available.  Using a pad under your rugs will not only add cushion and keep it from moving, but will also extend the life of your rug.

● Rotate your rug at least once a year, in high traffic areas twice a year is recommended.  Constant traffic patterns will begin to show no matter the pile or density of the rug.  Rotating the rug will dramatically slow the process down, also allowing the entire rug to wear at the same rate.

Fiber/Construction specific cleaning recommendations:


● Spills, with a clean cloth blot as much of the stain out as possible

● Use a small amount of mild soap and water to clean the area

●If needed use a rug and carpet cleaner, first test in a small inconspicuous area to see results before applying to entire area.

● Blot dry with clean cloth 


● Jute is a natural fiber which requires regular cleaning to look its best.

● Vacuum regularly on a low power/high setting

● Do Not steam clean or wet jute due to its natural fibers and their ability to shrink.

● Spills, with a cleaning sloth blot as much of the stain as possible

●Next, with a clean cloth use a small amount of warm water to gently blot the stain, being careful not saturate.

● Air dry, never hang jute as fibers can stretch.

● Do Not dry clean.

● Avoid direct sun light to prevent fading.

● Professional cleaning is recommended for best results.


● Spills, blots as much of the stain out as possible using a clean cloth

● Use a small amount of mild soap and water to clean the area, avoid excessive saturation.

● Do not use harsh cleaners on wool, such as bleach 

●Quickly bot dry with a clean cloth, to limit yellowing or browning that can occur naturally when wool is 

● Excessive agitation and heat should be avoided

● Avoid direct sunlight to keep wool from fading

● All wool rugs shed, shedding will decline over time.

● Professional cleaning is recommended periodically.


● For best results, vacuum with canister vacuum cleaner regularly or raise beater bar to its highest adjustable height setting.

● Spills, blot as much as possibly with a clean cloth

● use a small amount of mild soap and water to clean area

● Rug and carpet cleaners are available for synthetic materials and may be used.  Test cleaners in an inconspicuous area of the rug first before applying to entire surface.

●Professional cleaning is periodically recommended.


● Spills, blot stain as much as possible with a clean cloth

● Use a clean sponge and apply mild soap and water to remove the remainder of stain

● Allow area to dry

● Indoor/Outdoor rugs should be entirely cleaned.  To do so, spray with a mixture of mild soap and water and rinse with a garden hose and let dry.