Cutting the Clutter
     We all have it, we all try and pretend we don't.  But when the unplanned guest is coming over, we rush around and throw items that we don't know were they came from, how our kids even got them, how long they have been sitting there hiding the hidden bills, letters and possibly even food left over from lunches, get pushed into draws, cabinets and closet.    Why do we do this to ourselves?   How does it get so out of hand?
       Well life is busy, but really it is busy.  Every parent out there can understand this, we go from our job, to school, to activities, to doctors appointment's, traveling to cheer your kid on at all their games, and rushing to throw a dinner together, and do homework, trying to fit in the much needed exercise you promised yourself you would do today, and then maybe, possibly at the end of it all you could sit in your sofa in your home and have a moment of silence before you have to do it all over again.......

Well there are some useful tips on ways to get your clutter under control...


One year rule
If you haven’t worn it/used it/looked at it in a year, get it out of your house.

Broken beyond repair
It’s broken, it’s busted, it’s a goner.  Get it gone.

Not even yours
This is the worst type of clutter – you don’t even own it!  Give it back to the person who does.

Life gets busy, and you shouldn’t put more pressure on yourself by feeling responsible for things.  They are just things, and don’t get you any closer to your goals.

‘Just in case’
Think about your items you keep for this reason.  Have any of those events come up when you actually needed them?  Maybe, but it doesn’t matter right now.

Magazines and newspapers are old; the information contained in them is likely outdated.  All of this information is easily found on the web.  This goes for books also.

There are items we are just done with, but haven’t gotten around to getting rid of them.  Now is that time.  Done.

Simply the best
Only put back into your closets and cupboards the best of what you own or things that you simply cannot part with.

Before you start your purge, you need to set the stage so to speak.  Get boxes together, you will need lots of them.  Label four boxes with the following: