Dorm Room Rugs

Its that time of year, all the kids head back to college.  Pack up there cars with all their fresh clean laundry, bedding, towels, and all their gear for classes.  But did you forget something?  Maybe an area rug for the dorm room.  Many people over look the flooring when decoration their dorm room.  Yes, you are limited on what you can do, but adding an area rug is the perfect place to implement your style and add something personal to you the dorm making it your own space.  
​Making a dorm rug a necessity not accessory.

A few tips for the right dorm room rug,

* Not only should it be stylish, but you can also use this as a second space to lounge.  We all know dorm rooms are notoriously small, so make sure your rug is comfy for sitting on or laying around on to study.
* fiber that cleans well, polypropylene and/or Synthetic fibers
* Typical sizes 3x5, 4x6, 5x8, 6x9
* Most forms are cold hard surface, so adding an area rug adds lots of comfort
* If you dorm is carpeting, adding your own area rug over it add a personal touch.  And who knows what is on the carpet underneath.
* Purchase a handy mini vacuum to clean up any messes. 

A top dorm room is one that is made of material that is easy to clean, wears well, soft but not too thick.
Trellis and chevron seem to be a top dorm room rug picks.  With just enough color and pattern to be stylish for the modern college student.  A Shag rug is often desired with it cozy comfort underneath your feet, making for a perfect place to lay down relax.
Are you looking to add more color, more fun and a lot of playfulness to your dorm room.  Aquas, pinks and purples sure do create a fresh feminine vibe.

For a more masculine feel go with more a neutral colors.  Browns, taupe's,  and grays.  Choosing a plaid dorm room area rug would be a perfect choose.