February 20th, 2018

Loloi Rugs

Simple to extravagant, and everything in between.  Loloi is leading with beautiful area rug designs.  
Loloi offers styles for everyone.   These next few collections are our top choices.  
Akina Collection

Meticulously Hand Woven of 100% Wool
Hand woven in India, each piece hand woven with textural highs and lows, accentuating the over-all geometric pattern.  Each piece is naturally durable and fitting for most high traffic rooms.  

     3'6 5'6           5 x 7'6           7'9 x 9'9           9'3 x 13

Empress Collection

Hand Knotted of 100% Richly Dyed Jute
Each piece hand crafted in India, in versatile transitional designs.  Each piece offer thick-bodied pile, chunky knots, and beautifully saturated colors.
                   2 x 3               5'6 x 8'6               7'9 x 9'9               8'6 x 11'6               9'6 x 13'6               12 x 15                      

Javari Collection

Power-loomed of Polyester & Polypropylene
Designed to earn double takes and engineered for long-lasting durability, The Javari Collection takes the floor to new heights.  With distressed patterns and modernized bold colors that transform the rugs' surroundings. Constructed in Egypt, and its polyester & polypropylene fibers ensure virtually no shedding. 
2'6 x 4      3'7 x 5'2       5'3 x 7'4       6'7 x 9'4       7'10 x 10       9'6 x 12'6       12 x 15       2'6 x 8       2'6 x 10     2'6 x 12

Underwood Collection

Finely Hooked of 100% Wool

Traditional motifs, soft colors, and think strands of 100% wool yarn.  Hooked in India by master artisans, each piece features a striking abrash that lends no two rugs quite the same. 

                          2'3 x 3'9              3'6 x 5'6              5 x 7'6              7'9 x 9'9              9'3 x 13             2'6 x 7'6

Loren Collection

Power-Loomed of 100% Polyester

Timeless and classic, this collection offered vintage hand knotted looks at an affordable price.  Creatde in Turkey using the most advanced rug-,aking technology, these pritned designs provide a textured effect by portraying every single individual knot on a soft polyester base. 

Vaughn Collection

Hand-Loomed of Wool & Viscose

A tonal look with unlimited application, this collection features richly speckled striations of wool and viscose across its plush surface.  Hand-loomed in India.  The Vaugh collection sets a restrained and durable foundation to build the room upon.
           2 x 3              4 x 6              5'6 x 8'6              7'9 x 9'9              8'6 x 11'6              9'6 x 13'6               12 x 15