Getting Ready for the Holiday

Some people love it, all the prep, all the hustle and bustle of the holiday season.  Crafting, decorating and the shopping.  Singing along to the favorite Christmas carol and trimming the tree.   Its a magical time of year for so many, I for one, love it!  I enjoy it even more now with my kids and watching all the spirit in there eyes come alive during this season.  But it is a lot of work, I found this great site that has a list of 99 decorating tip for different rooms in your home....I picked a few of my favorites to share with you, and a few that I have done myself.   Here goes,
In the Living Room, 
the living room will be the center of the party, adding decorative touches to mantle, tables and shelves will give the room the beautiful feel you want.  Swap out your light throws for warm cozier winter ones.  Most of us do, but if you don't have an area rug, adding one for the winter months will warm up the room.   Possibly host a tree decorating party, of course when you have little ones at home they are enough for some to handle.  Do 2 trees like I do at home, one for my breakable more adult ornaments, and a kid friendly tree the kids get to do in our family room.  Adding candles on the mantle, or to your dinning table and around your house creates ambiance and mode lighting.  Flamless LED candles are now just as amazing, I have a few from Pottery Barn set on a timers and I have more compliments on them, you can place them in glass holders, on your mantle, under jars with no risk of fire, injuries or burns,
One of my FAVORITES....Display your Christmas Card, either on a small tree, or my favorite is using some branches from around your yard tucked into a galvanized bucket, hole punch your cards, use some decorative ribbon and hang from the branches.  Also using same technique they would look great hanging along garland up the stair railings.
In the Kitchen, its never the perfect time, but seriously, why not now....Purge your fridge.  Go ahead, throw away the year old mustard in the back, and fancy olives from who knows when.  Make room for all the holiday food ahead, platters that are sure to come and room for lots of memories...Make list for all your holiday parties, office, school and family.  And when shopping go ahead and buy a a few more extra of some things, such a crackers and cheese, cause why not, you will need it...if you have kids around or some that could possibly be stop buy grab a kid friendly snack to have on hand for the little ones, frozen pizza, waffles or chicken nuggets.  Keeping bowls of festive nuts or fruit on the counter are not only  a decoration, but also a easy snack when guest do stop by.
In the Bedrooms, for your guest coming to stay, clean all your linen, or better yet get some fresh one, and add an extra throw or blanket for those cold nights so your guest can be warm.  Creating a little basket with magazine,  soap, body wash and even little mints will make them feel right at home.
Bathrooms and Powder Rooms- clean, clean, clean...That's my biggest tip.  get down on your hands and knees and clean those hard to reach spots, scrub the tile, don't want your guest to be freaked out my moldy bathroom surfaces.  Stock up on hand soaps and even add hand lotion since winter brings on the dry cracked skin.  
Front Entrance....This is where it all begins, creating the entrance to your home, setting the stage for whats about to come.  So get the wreaths hung up, hand the garland along the porch rail or over head, string the lights, add evergreen branches to window boxes and planters.  Use birch longs from your own back yard stacked up or in an urn for a natural touch.  Add baskets when you come in for easy organizing of kids gear, hats, mittens, ect.  get out those boots trays to save your floor from all the winter weather.  And always keep a bottle of hand sanitizer around to help keep away those winter germs.
​To get a whole list of great organizing and holiday prep tips visit this site: