July 19th, 2016

Wood Trends, rustic, light wood, dark wood, wide plank, thin plank, so many options,
here's a few that seem to be turning heads over and over again!
Wider Planks woods-
Homeowners seem to be agreeing, bigger is better. When choosing wood floors most buyers are going for the 5", 6" and even 7" planks over the traditional 2-3 1/2" wide planks.  The wider the plank the more open a room can feel, creating a more spacious feel. Great in the living rooms, master bedroom or in any
section of your home.  Its a great way to update the feel of your home.  When choosing how to lay the floors you can even get creative, horizontally, vertically, or even diagonally.  This trend seems to just keep growing with some floor coming in as wide as 12".
Gray Woods-
Gary is on the rise.  What first started out only near the beach has quickly gained popularity through the world. Gray has become the new neutral in paint, carpet and all in between so there's no wonder it has become the trend in wood flooring as well.  The many shades of gray can be found in a variety of length and widths.  this color can lighten up the room and create a sense of space.  Why are gray tones so popular?  Gray tone bring out the beauty of natural wood, highlighting the grain and texture, creating visual interest to any room,  letting the floor become the a true art piece in your home, without over powering the room.
Lime-washed Woods-
A new trend on the rise has originated from Europe which was used in high end homes for flooring.  It being on the other end of the color spectrum from the grays and dark tones, known as lime-washing or pickling, which was a mixture of lime and water are applied to the wood to create a white washed affect, like a sun beaten floor that aged over time.  Today, a similar technique uses a liming wax to fade the woods natural color faster and ages the appearance of the wood for a nostalgic feel.  Great for shore homes, yet designer have used these kinds of floors in all home ranging from formal to rustic. 
Wire-Brushed woods-
These types of floors are gaining ground as well, this technique uses a wire brush to scrape off the soft top layer
of wood exposing a harder, more grainy layer beneath.  These floors are generally harder floors, making it
hard to scratch, chip or scrape.  Which is great for pets and busy families.  Wire-brushed floors seem to be
popping up for in the coastal market areas, since it give the look of sand worn feel, but that does not mean
they are limited to this area only.
Reclaimed/Recycled Wood-
Green Enthusiast are flocking to this trend,  reclaimed wood is any wood from other homes or project to create new wood flooring. Reclaimed hardwood flooring may include solid wood sourced from old barns, farmhouses, beams, barrels, as well as logs salvaged from rivers and lakes.  Adding to the charm in these one of a kind floors is the huge variations from color, length, width, knots and grain in the wood.

One thing is clear whatever hardwood flooring you choice is right for your home is a personal preference resulting in your personality and your own design style.  Talk to your local flooring retailer to learn all your options, take multiple products home with you to see it in your own space and most of all, have fun!  There is no right or wrong choice. 

​Good Luck