July 26th, 2016

Tuftex is a a beautiful carpet, with unique designs and style to compliment any home.
 Its fresh and modern with a traditional feel.  Want to learn more about Tuftex,
 stop in today to browse the whole collection.  Great in any room, living room,
dinning room, bedrooms, and stairs. One of our personal favorites, Marrekech!
Tuftex - Carpets of California is located in Los Angeles County, California.  Tufex is a division of Shaw Industries, a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway, Inc.  As a division of the world's largest carpet manufacturer, Tuftex is proud to bring color, texture, warmth and fashion to peoples' lives and homes.

We attribute our success to our customers and have dedicated ourselves to providing excellence - excellence in quality, design, service, and value.

Tuftex remains dedicated to the same principles today.  We're committed to providing the excellence befitting an industry leader.  And we're committed to providing the excellence worth of your favorite place...home.

What is "Tuftex"? - In One Sentence
Tuftex, Shaw Floors, premier brand, is a California carpet manufacturer known for its innovative color, design, quality and care for the environment.

Tuftex's Brand Values

As a divsion and brand, with its own product development, manufacturing and marketing, Tuftex developed a brand strategy that provides the Tuftex brand with the necessary foundation upon which to build.

It defines the substance of the brand: brand personality with brand values and brand promise.

Performance - related:
Stylish, Sophisticated, Affordable, Valuable

Quality, Conscious, Servicable, Made in USA

Caring, Enthusiastic, Innovative, Creative

Core Values

Of our Brand Values, three are given particluar emphasis in the sense of core values: "Reliable", "Stylish/Sophisticated" and "Caring".  These key characteristics should be embodied in our communications at all times.

With its West coast style, color and fashio, Tuftex has created its own segment in the market place.  Employees with great enthusiasm and the determination to push the limits of what is possible, produce extraordinary solutions, styles, designs and colors.  Tuftex is the leader in the development and production of complex, innovative, but nevertheless affordable products that exceed customer expectations.

Thanks to its high quality standards and the care it devotes to its customers, suppliers, and employees, Tuftex is an extremely reliable brand.  Tuftex remains true to its Californian origins - Made in USA.  Tuftex is highly committed to reliability and quality.  Tuftex is the premier residential carpet brand of Shaw Floors.

Tuftex is firmly committed to the preservation of our environment and natural resources.  The company as a whole is dedicated to making a positive impact on nature, economy and life.