Knowing Fibers of Carpet

Looking for new carpet and/or area rugs can feel a little overwhelming.  What size do you need, what style do you like, what material is the best choice for your home.  There is no one answer.  Choosing the right carpet for your home is determined by how you live in your home, where
with this carpet be in your home and who and what will be on and around it.  We have put together some info to help you sort through the top 4 fibers of rugs in hopes to help you out
​early in your search for new how carpeting and/or area rugs.
Wool Pros- Has a superior texture retention, is natural opaque, so it dyes easily and can take in color. Wool is naturally fire retardant.   Wool is warmer in winter and cooler in summer.  Wool is green and recyclable and is renewable resource from sheep.
Wool Cons-Wool is easily stained, so liquids (fruit juices, Kool-Aid, pet urine) will stain. DO NOT use bleach as it dissolves wool.  Typically cost more than synthetic carpets.
Beautiful      Wool      Area      Rugs
Nylon Pro- is a synthetic fiber, strong and resilient, and abrasion resistant. Nylon dyes easily, therefore can stain easily. It cleans easily and impression marks from furniture tend to easily bounce back from Stem cleaning.
Nylon Con- Can stain easily, exposure to sunlight can fade the color of the nylon. And is highly affected by bleach.
Polyester Pro- synthetic fiber that easily dyed. It is easily cleaned and resistant to more dyes, Including Kool-Aid and red wine. It is resistant to sun fading and discoloration from animal urine.  It is "oleophilic" which means it likes oils, and if oils are not cleaned right away they will bond to the fiber.

Polyester Cons- wears easily in high traffic areas, oil bonds to fiber causing discoloration.
Olefin Pro- is a synthetic fiber, extremely colorfast since its "solution" dyed, which means the color is added while the fiber is being made.  Olefin is light weight, it is actually lighter than water and is the only fiber to be lighter than water.  It does not absorb moisture, so it is difficult to stain. It is also resistant to sun fading and fume fading.  It like polyester likes oils, so they need to be cleaned immediately.
Olefin Con- It compresses easily, lacks resilience, oils bond to fiber causing discoloration.

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