Magnolia Home By Joanna Gaines         Spring of 2016

Magnolia Home
By Joanna Gaines
The Making of Magnolia, by Loloi

"Together Loloi and Joanna Gaines carefully considered every texture , design and color, fine tuning important details along the way.  The result is a closely edited and exclusive line; one that reflects Joanna's simple and fresh yet timeless style."

Loloi Catalog Spring 2016

"When people see the line, I think they'll get an immediate sense of my style.  I feel it's important to
design pieces I'm proud to put in my own home."  

​Joanna Ga

Magnolia Home Emmie Kay
Simple pattern inspired by traditional Nordic sweater motifs is the focal point for this collection.  Design in collaboration with Joanna Gaines, this 100% wool hand woven collection from India brings a sophisticated touch of Scandinavia to your home.

100% Hand Woven Wool Made In India
2.3 x 3.9     3.6 x 5.6     5 x 7.6     7.9 x 9.9     9.3 x 13
Magnolia Home Ella Rose
Traditional  Persian style in a modern interpretation, the Ella Rose Collection is simultaneously vintage and of-the-moment.  Designed in tandem with Joanna Gaines of Magnolia Home.  This collection is intentionally faded designs create a truly transitional look, on that looks at home in both classic and contemporary homes.  

Power Loomed In Turkey made of Polypropylene/Viscose

      2.7 x 4     2.8 x 7.6     2.8 x 10.6     3.7 x 5.7     5.3 x 7.6     6.7 x 9.2  
   7.10 x 10.6     9.6 x 13     12 x 15    13 x 18     7.7 Round     9.3 Round

Magnolia Home Kivi
Kivi offers the look of a fine heirloom rug at a modern price; with its layers of distressed pattern and pops of color.  Loloi and Joanna Gaines of Magnolia Home, collaborated on the Kivi Collection which takes inspiration from well-worn antique Persian rugs and modernizes the look for today's homes.  Power loomed of polypropylene and polyester for incredible durability and is available in  a wide range of sizes.
    2.7 x 4    3.7 x 5.7    5.3 x 7.8    6.7 x 9.2    7.10 x 10.10    9.6 x 13    12 x 15    2.7 x 8    2.7 x 10    5.3 Round    7.10 Round    9.6 Round
              KV-03 Sand Ocean                   KV-08 Fob Mediterranean                       KV-05 Fog Multi                               KV-07 Ivory Quarry

​              Chantilly Collection                                   Tulum Collection                                     Drake Collection
           100% Wool Hand woven                       100% Wool Hand Knotted                       100% Wool Hand woven
                     Made In India                                          Made In India                                            Made In India

                                                                       *All available in various sizes
Magnolia Home Brushstroke
Bold patterns meet beautiful colors to create this striking Brushstroke Collection.  Designed in collaboration with Joanna Gaines of Magnolia Home. each rug is hooked in India made of 100% wool.  If looking for an easy to care for rug this Brushstroke Collections offers just that and adds a touch of playfulness to you home.

100% Hooked Wool made in India

2.3 x 3.9   2.6 x 7.6   3.6 x 5.6   5 x 7.6   7.9 x 9.9   9.3  13 
Magnolia Home Lotus
This rug was design by Loloi and Joanna Gaines of Magnolia Home, brings together comfort of plush microfiber with high contrast striking patterns.  This collection of rugs is not just functional but also stylish and will be a statement piece for years to come.

Power Loomed in China of 100% Polyester

2.3 x 3.9   3.6 x 5.6   5 x 7.6   7.9 x 9.9   9.3 x 13   2.6 x 7.6

Magnolia Home by Joanna Gaines is a beautiful thought out work of art.  Available in many colors, styles and designs.  Priced so everyone who follows Joanna and Chip on HGTV Fixer Upper can now have a piece of Joanna's style from Waco, TX in your very own home.  With area rugs in numerous sizes and colors there something for everyone.  

​Magnolia Home Area Rugs by Joanna Gaines and Loloi