Measuring-  Rule of Thumb

Here's a few quick tips, to help you when deciding on furniture
​ for your living room.  
Simple and easy, and your room will feel just right!
-The ideal height for a coffee table is the height of the sofa's seat cushions or 1-2" lower
The perfect length for a coffee table is 2/3 the length of the sofa
-Position the coffee table so that there's about 16-18" of space between the sofa and coffee table
-Side/End tables should ideally be within 2" of a sofa's arm height.  Many people prefer them to be 1-2" lower than the sofa arm.
-Side tables should be no deeper than the depth of the s

-Console tables behind a sofa should be the same height as the back of the sofa or up to 1-3" lower

-Area rugs should be large enough that either all your furniture fits on it, or at least the front two legs of each furniture piece are on the rug.
-For the rugs that cover most of the room, a good rule of thumb is to leave between 12-18" of bare floor between the edge of the rug and the walls of the room.  For small rooms, you may wish to leave less bare floor while for large rooms you may wish to leave more.