November 07th, 2017


The demand for handmade area rugs has been increasing and with low inventory we searched to find the most beautiful one of a kind’s handmade rug.  100’s of beautiful genuine handmade’s in various sizes are in stock at Carpet Mill USA.  These rugs are a piece of history  with deep tradition in each one telling a story from years past of the families heritage and achievements or sufferings of each cultures traditions depending on location. Each rug taking you on a trip around the world from Pakistan, Iran, India, Turkey to Tibet.

Oriental, Persian, and Turkish handmade rugs are made with high quality wool, making them a natural green product. Some rugs are weaved by single craftsmen; others are constructed by families of artisans which motifs have been passed down for generations. .   These rugs only gain beauty as the years past and luster of the color becomes more vibrant. We have handmade rugs in all styles and colors from floral, to geometric and contemporary pieces. ​

Oriental rugs come in numerous styles being represented from around the world a few frequently identified ones are; Bokhara rug with its striking jewel tones and patterns.  Kazak commonly have deep indigo, red and ivory colors with geometric motifs of animals, tribal medallions and flowers.  Gabbeh rugs are bright in color and consist mostly of stripes or geometric patterns. Oushak are on the softer side of colors found in silky, shimmers of cinnamon, terracotta and soft pastels with large scaled geometric floral patterns.   Traditional Persian Medallion rugs (Kashan) are found to offer 15-25 colors with floral motifs and unique central medallion.  Each rug taking months to years to complete are more pure and genuine than any machine made rug.
Investing in a handmade rug is like investing in a piece of art. Some would say you really can not put a price on a piece of artwork, therefore a rug can't be deemed a price.  They say its about the value in which the person places upon it.   We at Carpet Mill USA can guide you through the process of choosing the right style to fit your home so you can let the rug tell its story in your home as it lays the foundation for your family for years to come.