November 23rd, 2015

Its only a few days away, and we thought we would help you all out with some tips for cooking your Turkey.  I'm sure you have the house all ready, your table scape planned, your family is coming and the turkey will be the star of the show.  Here's wishing you  and your family a
​ happy and healthy Thanksgiving.
8 Secrets for a Moist and Juicy Turkey
Here's some simple tips that almost everyone can do to help with the star of the show, The Turkey for you Thanksgiving dinner.

1.  Choose a fresh turkey instead of a frozen one.
Ice crystals can form during the freezing, which can damage the turkey cells.  When the bird thaws and roast, fluid leaks out more rapidly from the damaged cells, drying out your meat.

2. Roast two small turkeys rather than one large one.
When needed to cook a large bird for a large crow, consider cooking 2 smaller birds instead.  Smaller turkey roast more evenly and quicker.

3. Brine the Turkey
A turkey soaked in salt-water solution absorbs both the salt and the water, its moister to begin with as well as seasoned on the inside.  You can flavor a brine as well.

4. Truss loosely, or not at all.
Legs tied up tightly against the sides of the turkey take longer to roast, putting the breast meat in jeopardy of overcooking while the legs take their time.  

6. Roast the turkey upside down at first.
Sounds bizarre, but placing the turkey breast side down on a V-rack for the first hour or so of roasting essentially allows it to baste itself.  Any marks left by the rack will disappear once you flip the turkey over and finish roasting it.

7. Don't Overcook it.
Please, use a a thermometer, either instant-read or probe style, to monitor the temperature in the thickest part of the thigh (be careful not to hit the bone) You are aiming for 170 degrees.

8. Let the turkey rest before carving.
The intense heat of the oven forces juices into the center of the bird, allowing the turkey to rest for about 20 minutes (enough time to make gravy).  The juices will redistribute, and you'll get a moister turkey.
Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at The Carpet Mill USA