November 29th, 2017

The Holidays Are Coming, Let Get You Ready!
The holidays are coming.  We all have some busy days ahead of us from shopping for the perfect Christmas gift, to decorating the house, putting up the tree, baking cookies and sending out the holidays cards.  Chances are your having guest around for the holidays.  Getting your home ready is not an easy task and you want your guest to feel welcome for a dinner or an overnight stay.  We here at Carpet Mill have compiled a few tip to help you get started and be organized during this normally hectic time of year.
First, plan the season.  Get out your calendar and schedule in all the holiday parties, the dinner, the school concerts, church, or volunteering you may want to do.  Getting stuff on the calendar makes it real.

After you have your schedule planned its now time to start getting your home ready for your get together's.  Being the host brings lots of preparations.  You have to plan the meal and clean the house.  So here's a few things to do to get your home ready.

1. Clean out your fridge.  Like most people this task gets pushed to back for us busy people.  But coming into the holiday you will cooking more, baking more and having lots of dishes to prepare and store. So having a cluttered fridge that could possible have stains and odor is a big turn off.  Clean it out! Check expiration dates and throw things away. This will also help you when making your grocery list so you will know what you need.

2. If you have guest staying with you....Clean your linens.  Take a minute and go through your linen closet.  Check your sheet sets, pillow cases and blankets. Do you  have enough towels for all of your guest, are they stained or ripped?  A good cleaning and nice folding and organizing may be all your need, or is picking up a few extra's  necessary so your guest feel welcomed and comfortable. 

3. With cold New England's winter that we have here this is especially true, wash your windows. Windows are now shut and its even more important to have them clean, streak proof.  Clean windows are sure to impress your guest.  Cleaning a window is simple using soap, water and a sponge, but if you want to get the job done even better you need to invest in squeegee.  Wash and rinse each window, and then squeegee dry.

4. Dust... this gets everyone.  We all have it and with the house being closed up in the winter months its especially good to do a thorough dusting.  So grab microfiber dusting pad and get started.  Working from top to bottom on shelves, baseboards, appliances and ceiling fans.  Your guest will appreciate the cleaner air and easier to breath in home. 

5. Don't neglect the bathrooms.  This is an area your guest will frequent.  You want them to feel comfortable and for them to be clean.  We know this is one of the least favorite rooms to clean in a home, but it essential. 
-Disinfect the toilet, sink, shower, tile and grout, and bathtub.
-Check your shower curtain, is it covered in mildew?  If so, you should replace it. 
-Stock up on toilet paper, soap, towels (both body and hand). Make sure you have essentials like Tylenol, band aids, shampoo/conditioner.   Want to make your guest feel a little more comfortable?  Pick up individual soaps, grab some razors, and a few pairs of slippers will be the added touch of welcome. 

6. Rugs.  Two things here, either have your rugs professional cleaned, or if you doing it yourself you can rent a rug shampooer, make sure to read the manufacture directions on care.  This may also be the time to spruce up your home.  Adding a new area rug can be a simple way to warm up your home.  Think of your guest visiting and lounging in your rooms.  Will children be gathering around the tree sitting on the floor.  Is your rug the right size for your room.  Would adding a rug to your entry way welcome your guest.  Not sure what size you would need, we at Carpet Mill can help you with that.  Also we have attached this helpful link for some simple rule to follow for rugs.