October 18th, 2017

Gold Rush......
Shaw's color of the year 2018 is Gold Rush.  As Shaw says, "what's gold is new again!"  God Rush offers a warm neutral that reinvigorates and invites people into the modern era. Add visual warmth with layering natural golden hues throughout your space. 
Shaw even has you covered if you took their advice in years past with other colors of the year.  Gold Rush seems to be working with well with colors from the past, here's a quick outline of Shaw's advice:

Gold Rush works wonderfully with currently popular colors, including our previous colors of the year:
  • Pair gold hues with Lush green to saturate the senses
  • Layer with White to evoke a clean inviting statement - both airy and opulent
  • Add warm, gold finishes with Navy for rich visual impact
  • Introduce to cool Grey for a refreshing aesthetic that feels balanced and new