October 27th, 2015

Choosing Carpet for your Home, 8 Easy Tricks

Pick Carpet Like A Pro

Carpet Floors are still a favorite with most household.  Carpet is simple to maintain, and easy on the wallet when needed to change out your flooring out.  Its also quick to install and versatile in matching any decor in home.  For those of you who love the warm and cozy feel and also some extra sound installation its the best choice.

It can seem overwhelming with the vast variety of carpet qualities, types and styles.  The thought of choosing the right carpet to match your room and your needs can be daunting.  If not help by a professional most homeowners end up with a carpet that will not fit there our personal needs.

Making yourself knowledgeable with a few key elements can make your carpet purchase not only right for your home, it will also result in a better investment

​1. Carpet Durability
The most important aspect of carpet for the long term use is its durability.  Its not just the brand or how it feels, a carpet's durability is based on;
-The thickness or density of the carpet
-The fiber it is made from
​-The way a carpet is constructed  
2. Stain resistance
-Inherent Stain Resistance-carpet with inherent stain resistance made in the fiber that does not absorb foreign liquids, or very little.  The best inherently stain resistance carpets come with a stain treatment on them.
-Stain Treatment-carpet is a fiber, when treated with a stain treatment the carpet is better equipped to repel stains.  There are 2 different types of stain treatments:
     Whole Fiber System Strain Treaments-bathes the entire fiber and backing
     Topical Stain Treatment- treats the tips of the fiber

The better the stain resistance on your carpet the longer the of your carpet fiber will last, extending the life and look of your carpet,
3. Price of Carpet
Budget-is very important and usually the price of carpet is directly related to the quality of carpet, but not always.  One you get above a certain bench mark of cost per square yard, you are spending more on style than quality.
4. Type of Carpet
Capet comes in numerous different types and styles, the carpet type you choose will depend on your needs and wants.

Plush Saxony Carpet-a soft carpet you can fall asleep on, that also carries a shone to the carpet that makes it more attractive.
Plush Textured Carpet-Stiffer type of carpet, solid color carpet that will not show your foot prints or vacuum marks. Not as soft as other carpets, but because of its tight weave it will stay plus longer.
Berber Carpet-This carpets fiber as looped unlike the first two. Usually comes in a multi-color.  It is more durable under foot traffic but not as comfortable under the toes. Not ideal for pets since there nails can get hung on the loops easily.
Patterned Carpet-what is sounds like, it is a Plush or a Berber type carpet with a pattern built into the fiber.
Print Carpet-Print carpet is a plush that has a full color design printed on top of the fibers.  
​LCL-(Level Cut Loop) Carpet- a cross between plush and Berber, some of the fibers are standing straight up and some loop over.  There is a pattern created inside of the carpet because it is built this way.
Frieze or California Shag Carpet-Think 70's, this is the loosest type of carpet fibers to create a more modern shag type of carpet.
5.Softness and Carpet Feel
The feel of carpeting adds comfort and coziness or stiffness and durability.  As long as your fiber, construction, and thickness are right you really can't go wrong.A tight carpet will last longer, but its not a significant difference so you should ultimately purchase something you love than something you will live with.
6. Carpet Look and Style 
With a  huge variety of colors and style of carpets, this is the main reason most homeowners decide on carpet.  But before your overwhelmed in the decisions making, here are some tips and ideas:
Room Space-cool hues and neutrals work well to make a small room appear larger, while warm hues like browns and rust create a warmer, homier feel.
Other room Furnishing- rooms with heavy patters, textures and colors will find a solid-colored carpet. Simple walls and furnishing will pair well with a more bold color or pattered carpet.
Targeted Overall Feel-warm hues and earth tones can give off a relaxed, quiet mood.  
Future Plans- If you are planning on selling in the near future choose a neutral color and tone.
7. Carpet Pads and Underlayments
Most homeowners give to little attention to this, nit realizing this is the total foundations to your carpet.  Without the right carpet pad or underlayment your carpet will not last as long as it should,  Some factors to consider when purchasing pads and underlayments:
-how much fiber is in a cubic foot of pad.  An 8 lb pad will have 8 pound of fiber inside of one cubic foot.  For your home do not want anything less than a 6 lb pad, as it will crush and traffic out soon.  As the pad gets denser it will last longer but feel stiffer. 
Thickness-this is the thickness of the pad.  You want a thinner piece of Berber Carpet (3/8 - 5/16) and a thicker piece for plush (3/8 -1/2).  You don't want anything too thick or too thin as it can jeopardize the longevity of the carpet. A good Median for plush carpet is 7/16".
Bells and Whistles-Other options are available for carpet pads on the market.  Of course they cost more but may serve the purpose better, therefore protecting your invest longer.
     Spill Trap-a layer of plastic between the carpet and the pad, good for pet owners or people that eat on their carpets.  Spills, odors and stains are easier to get out of the carpet than the pad.
     Memory Foam- Instead of recycled industrial material, this  carpet pad has recycled industrial memory foam built in.  This means it is a pad that will never crush and is very soft.
     Antimicrobial- Antimicrobial carpet pad is treated with an agent that prevents and inhibits the growth of mold and mildew.  Perfect for basements, attics, laundry rooms and anywhere else with moisture iss

8. Carpet Functionality-When choosing your carpet you have to first determine the traffic and usage of the room.  Then you can purchase a carpet correctly for your space. If the room will be a multi-purpose room or you are not sure your exact use for the space  than choose a carpet that will work well with any application for the room.

Carpet can Instantly improve your homes appeal and feel.  Adding value and bringing a new look and feel to the area.  Choosing the wrong carpet though could make the room look worse than when you started.  Its not easy to choose carpet when not knowing all the info, but now that you have some of the basics you can walk into any reputable carpet store and choose the perfect carpet for you and create a beautiful, functioning space for years to come.