Life happens, no escaping it.  And if you happen to have had a new little fur baby, you have gone through the mess of life with them.  Coming home to destroyed flooring.  So here's a few tricks for all you animal lovers.
Carpet Tile, not everyone  thinks of them as flooring for the home, but with new styles, textures and colors they are great option.  Using carpet tiles is ideal for the mishap an animal may have.  Only needed to replace a tile or two, instead of the whole flooring.  And ordering a few extras to store in the basement is a great idea.
Another great idea is looking at an outdoor rug.  Outdoor rugs are made to withstand sun, rain, heat and wind.  They can be a great match for pets since you can easily clean these rugs.  They are scrubbable  and bleachable, so you can wash out almost any stain.   They now come in a variety of patterns and colors.
Pattern, Pattern and Pattern.   Rugs with busy or intricate patterns can hide a multitude of stains and can be a great choice for any animal lovers home.  Vintage rugs can be a good choice, since they already will have some aged spots and layering them with other rugs can create a stylish vibe in your home.
Stay away from.....

What not to get for a rug in your home if you have pets, Stay away from sisal, jute and other natural fiber rugs. Cats will especially enjoy scratching them and they already shed.  They are tricky to clean and with dogs tracking dirt into your home constantly this will only cause more of headaches for you.  

Keep spot cleaners on hand for when these unexpected messes do happen.