September 15th, 2016

     Fall is coming, its knocking at our door so we are stocking up on lots of new warm and fun area rugs for the season.  From fall colors, to the fresh grays and white.  We are sure to have something here you will love to add to your home.  Warming up the room, adding a coloring back drop to your space, creating a sense of intimacy in a room. 

     Karastans  Timeless Quality and Beauty rugs have been being made since 1928.  From wool, to synthetic, oriental styles to a modern design, so many beautiful rugs to choose from.  Maybe one wont be enough!  

New highly anticipated lines from Karastan were shown at The Atlanta Market this summer, 2016. Contemporary Cosmopolitan and Enigma Collections, the luxuriously transitional Touchstone Collection, and a sensational spread of new styles designed for the highly sought after Spice Market Collection.

Spice Market is the most popular collection for us thus far. Featuring their exclusive Everstrand fiber. A premium polyester produced from up to 100% post-consumer content from plastic bottles -that boasts an irresistible soft touch, inherent stain resistance and vivid color clarity. A rich color palette of the Mediterranean with uniquely stunning jewel tones which are contrasted with silver and golds, and updated colors like cool aquamarine or citron.  Spice Market dazzles your guest and keeps your home looking fresh and alive.
         #1 Seller, Most Popular by Our Customers

Spice Market Petra Multi

​Made In The U.S.A

Power Woven
100% Everstrand/Polyester
2'1x7'10, 3'6x5'6, 5'3x7'10,8x11, 9'6x15

Introducing the luxuriously transitional Touchstone Collection,  is a curated collection of new age classics.  The designs of this collection are layered in colors of indigo, black, bronze and softened golds. Looking for transitional style with lots of textural appeal this collection will do just that.   Made with Karastans Smartstrand Silk yarn, Touchstone Collection offers the same softness of silk, coupled with the renowned strain resistance of our Smartstrand fiber. Soft in feel, yet bold in style.
Additional New Collections from Karastan, 

As reported in by a Karastan spokes person, "Enigma features contemporary abstract designs in a monochromatic palette woven of our exclusive triexta Smartstand Silk yarn with viscose highlights. Cosmopolitan combines a more contemporary design aesthetic with textural surface patterns, and Touchstone is transitional."
We can hardly contain the excitement we are feeling for all the new rugs Karastan has to offer, and hope to share it with our costumers.   From the best selling line of Spice Market to the new comers, there is something for anyone.  Beautifully crafted, made with attention to details and full of colors to fall in love with, this may very well be the best time to add the little something extra to your home.