Simple Summer Tips

Wrap Yourself In Summer Time

We welcome summer time, opening the windows, feeling the warmth of the summer breeze on our face, feet free to feel the earth, fruits we have missed all winter long and the longer days let us enjoy family and friends more.  Simply changing a few things in your home can truly add to summer living and enhance all that it offers.

Add a new view, get creative and utilize what you have right there, a new focal point can create a whole new feel to your room.  Move your furniture away from the standard focal point fire places, and create a warm weather atmosphere by moving your furniture towards windows or french doors, allowing you to take in the outdoors while still inside. Take down heavy 
drapery, and if you need to hang light weight sheers that flow in the breeze.

Pare Down your rooms, look around and envision your home as a rental property at the lake or beach.  Get back to basics, move out the over sized furniture, and store heavy drapery away for the season.  Pack away the many small accessories we collect over time and have a simple, clean living environment so you can enjoy the days of summer.

Living with nature, bring nature inside, adding succulents to unique containers such a shell, jar, log, or vase, adds texture and character to your summer dinning table.

Eating Outdoors, one of everyone's favorite things to do in the summer.  The warm weather brings longer days, everyone wants to spend as much time outdoors as possible.  Create an extension of your home with an outdoor eating area, table and chairs or a picnic on a blanket, whatever your choose, enjoy it. Added bonus, it will keep the inside of your home a little cleaner.

Fresh pops of summer colors, adding a bright pillows, vibrant art work, or fresh colored accents help the room come alive for this time of year.
Lighting the Night while outdoors can enhance the magical feeling of a warm summer night helping your evening extent into the night. Stringing some colorful paper lanterns to the trees, or place outdoor candles on tables or adding a lamp to a covered porch so you can still enjoy the outside on those rainy summer nights will create a cozy more intimate feel rain or shine.

Flirty fun fabrics can be a simple change to a room bringing it alive for summer.  Bright botanical s on bedding or pillows lifts a rooms feel and mood immediately, as well as your own.  Don't over do it with accessories, the more you can minimize the more laid back summer feel you will create.

Fresh from the Garden, we all love colorful flowers we see blooming in the gardens.  Adding small arrangement's through out your home lets your live with them inside.  Try keeping with yellows, and light oranges and vibrant pinks and purples to keep your home feeling alive all through the summer.

Summer scents
 are all around us.  We all have a few that bring us back to our childhood and wonderful memories, from fresh cut grass or a beach breeze.  taking out those old winter smells of ginger bread, ever green and pumpkin pie and adding some fresh summer scents like ocean breeze or cucumber-melon lets your breath those smells daily.

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