We've Got Braids!!!

We've Got Braids.....

Check out Capel Rugs at www.capelrugs.com to view the entire collection of braids as well as other area rugs. 

The Nu-Way style rugs come in 5 color combinations design from Capel Rugs.  Made to  order, Nu-Way rugs have a braided construction.

                  66% Polypropylene, 34% Nylon, Custom Sizes Available, Pile Height: 1/4 inch, Round and Oval, Made in the USA
                                                                                           Straw, Blue, Red, Tan and Green
The American Legacy style braided rug comes in 8 color combinations.  Styles in Pine Forest wool-blend, casual red design from Capel Rugs.  Made To Order, American Legacy rug have a variegated pattern and a braided construction.  This style is reversible for twice the wear. Also available in 6 shapes as well as baskets. 
                             34% wool, 33 % Nylon, 33% polyester, 6 shapes and baskets, Reversible, Made in the USA
                                 Natural Blue, Old Glory, Pine Forest, Slate Blue, Prairie, Antique Multi, Tuscan, Primary Multi
When a Capel braided rug in maintained properly you can expect years of enjoyment.  Home care for any rug is important, so help keep the rugs clean and last as long as possible.  Braided rugs may require some unique maintenance over the years, but can easily be accomplished at home.

Wrinkles/Bulge- New braids often have wrinkles or bulges when first unrolling, this is common and can easily be removed.  Lay the rug flat, using a broom handle (or similar pole) start in center of rug use a sweeping motion, push one half of the wrinkle to the left, Then push the remaining half to the right side. Never push the entire wrinkle to one side.

Reverse/Rotate- Reverse and rotate braided rugs as they soil.  This process will help prolong the life of the rug by evenly distributing traffic to both sides.

Sprouting- When you first have your rug you may notice sprouts of yarn that have worked their way to the surface of the rug.  This is to be expected, and does not lessen its wearablilty.  Carefully using scissors clip off a the base.  Do not pull the yarn out as it can result in damage to the rug. 

Repair- Should your braids stitching become broken or braids seperate, the rug needs to be repaired immediately to prevent further damage.  The rug can be restored to its original strength by using a simple whip stitch to repair it.  You can contact some one in your area who may repair them.  To fix yourself, start before the damage area and stitch the braids to just beyond damage area and secure with a knot..  Try using color that coordinate with your rug colors.

Cleaning- Vacuum regularly.  DO NOT shake or beat the rug, that may damage the rug.  Clean spills immediately by blotting with cloth or sponge.  Remove grease spots with ordinary dry cleaning solvents.
*Always check For Colorfastness before cleaning any rug
Use a damp handkerchief to blot areas of the rug, if dye comes off on the handkerchief, the dyes may run during cleaning

If  you are unsure of cleaning your rug the safest way to ensure proper cleaning of it is to seek professional help.