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Waterproof flooring information you can use

When you need waterproof flooring for your home, you'll shop around for the best offers, of course. Over the time of your shopping experience, you're going to hear about two different types of luxury vinyl flooring. But which one is best for your requirements?

That’s what we want to address here today, and we hope you’ll follow along for some answers. There is undoubtedly an excellent option for your specific requirements here for you.

Vinyl plank and tile can transform your home

Vinyl plank flooring is an excellent choice for every room of your home. It’s a popular option for the coveted wood-look, but it’s full of benefits that will serve you in every way. Durability is an essential characteristic of these materials and will be vital to you, especially if you have pets and children in the home.

Luxury vinyl tile, or LVT flooring, is another option in the same flooring line that is most well-known for its elegant stone look capabilities. Just like the vinyl plank, it’s exceptionally durable, meets a variety of décor-matching standards, and is a perfect choice for the busy home.

One of this flooring line's most impressive features is the waterproof nature of the unique core material. With a few great options, you can personalize your level of protection for a surface you can trust for decades. But there’s more you’ll love about these floors.

Both materials are perfect for homeowners who want or need a quick and easy installation. In most cases, you can even walk on the floors as soon as the installation is finished. And the cleaning and maintenance are just as quick and easy, usually only requiring a broom or vacuum and a damp mop to keep your floors showroom-beautiful for years to come.

Choose our showroom for your waterproof flooring

Carpet Mill USA is an excellent place to start your floor shopping experience. With an outstanding selection of materials to choose from, you’ll find something for every room of your home with no problem. Our associates are always ready to assist in your search, matching material characteristics with your specific requirements.

When you visit our showroom in Lebanon, NH, you’ll find that we service the communities of Lebanon, NH, Hanover, NH, New London, NH, Grafton, NH, and Woodstock, VT. We invite you to stop by when you’re ready to find out whether LVP or LVT flooring is best for you. We look forward to providing the perfect waterproof flooring for your home.