Does luxury vinyl flooring feel cold underfoot?

Does luxury vinyl flooring feel cold underfoot?

No matter the season, rolling out of bed barefoot onto a cold luxury vinyl plank or tile floor is not anyone's ideal way to wake up. So, choosing a flooring option that doesn't feel cold underfoot is one of the best things to do when getting new floors.

Flooring such as stone, ceramic, or porcelain tiles aren't good insulators and can mean that it will feel cold underfoot. Luxury vinyl floors are a good option for floors that won't feel as cold, especially with a proper underlayment in place.

All the benefits of luxury vinyl flooring

Luxury vinyl tile and plank are excellent options for durable and easily maintained floors, but it is a lot warmer underfoot than other flooring options. In addition, most luxury vinyl flooring styles require some underlayment in the installation process, adding to its being well-insulated and offering more warmth underfoot.

If you're still in the market for tile flooring, many flooring companies offer vinyl tile flooring options that are stunning and useful. They can have the same look as genuine ceramic or stone tiles, all the way to grout being built into the design.

LVP is one of the most common styles of luxury vinyl flooring since it can feature many designs that look like natural hardwood without the hefty price tag. Although these floors are made with a synthetic material, they are still highly durable and can be waterproof.

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