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Using tile to stay up to date

Tile flooring is probably one of the easiest and most affordable ways to stay up to date with the latest, styles, designs and color trends. In fact, if you have a favorite look, you’re very likely to find it in this particular material. Since it mimics so many other materials, both natural and synthetic, it’s hard to go wrong with this choice for any room in your home. Since it is such an affordable option, you can even change it, repeatedly, whenever you’re ready for something a little different.

Carpet Mill USA is ready and equipped to help you find the perfect floor covering for any room in your home. We’ll match you with the material that matches your specific needs and desires, but that’s not all. We can also assist you with installation, as well as providing service after your flooring has been in place for a while. Just stop by our showroom, located in Lebanon, NH, to speak with a flooring professional. We serve the areas of Woodstock, VT, as well as Lebanon, Hanover, New London, and Grafton, NH. We look forward to helping you as well.

What tile trends mean for you

Everyone wants to be current when it comes to the hottest styles and trends in flooring and remodeling. Staying up to date can be as simple as adding the perfect tile floor covering to your home. One of the things we’re currently seeing are large squares, from 12x24 inches, which have been popular for a while, to 24x48 inches, which are gaining in popularity.

Along with these larger sizes, you might also be noticing an influx of mimicked looks, especially of stone, such as limestone, marble, travertine and more. While it might seem a bit on the “drab” side, even the look of concrete is making a rise now. If you’re a fan of the wood-look, you’ll appreciate the fact that it hasn’t gone anywhere. You’ll still find some of the hottest species looks and stain colors on the market at just about any time. As technology continues to get better and better, you can only expect those realistic looks to get nicer as well.

While it isn’t likely to last a long time, you will notice that even metallic tiles are hitting the scene with more familiarity than ever before. With a focus in bathrooms and used as wall accents, they really stand out, especially in certain themes, where other tiles just don’t make the cut.

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