What to know about carpet fibers before you make your choice!

Choosing the right carpet can be an overwhelming process. Not knowing which will be right for your home or project is where we come in.  There are a few common fibers that most carpets are made from all offer something great and each choice is personal based on what is the most important characteristics to you and your project.  Nylon, Polyester PET, Polypropylene, PTT (Treiexta Polyester) and the purely natural carpet fiber Wool are the most common carpet fibers. 

Nylon- Strongest fiber, durable, static free and resistant to abrasion, insect, mold, mildew, rot and many chemicals. Resist soiling & staining. Holds fiber height. Priced moderately and can last about 12-15 years. 

Polyester PET
- Has a luxurious feel, durable against abrasion, resistant to water soluble stains and is easy to clean. Polyester can fade with bright sunlight and does not hold its fiber height well. 

Polypropylene- does not absorb water, is a solution dyed fiber. Solution dyeing is when the color is actually built into the fiber when it is formed.  Therefore the color can not be removed as it is a part of the fiber.  The color in polypropylene is stronger and will not fade, even when exposed to direct sunlight, bleaches, chemicals or atmospheric contaminants.  Since polypropylene is not as strong it is often used in a loop pile where there is less need for resilience. 

- (Triextra Polyester), features good resiliency and excellent inherent stain resistance. While PPT is a sufficient for staining, PTT still attracts dry and oily soil substances, leading to permanent wear in high traffic areas. Oil based stains tend to be extremely difficult to remove. 

Wool-the purely natural product.  Luxurious, strong, stain resistant and flame-retardant.  Wool will retain is fiber height well, is static-resistant and very dense. Great choice for a rich appearance.  However, wool needs maintenance to last, it tends to fade in sunlight, has a low resistance to both stains and chemicals used to remove stains. Wool can attract and suffer damage from moths, beetles and other insects.  

All of these fibers offer something positive and all have things that have to be taken into consideration based on what you need and expect from your carpet. At Carpet Mill USA we can walk you through the process and help navigate an unfamiliar area and help you choice what is best for your project based on your needs, wants and use.