March 06th, 2018

What a difference carpet can make....

                                        BEFORE                                                                                           AFTER
We recently were asked to help homeowner out. She took a fall down her stairs and put a hole in the wall.  Thankfully, she wasn't holding her 7 month old son.  After the mess she had to clean up, and now worried about her 2 daughter taking a fall down the slipper stairs she came in for help.  Numerous options for carpeting are available.  Hearing what the client was looking for, taking her budget into mind we went a great quality carpet from Karastan.  Not only will this last for years to come but its beautiful, warm and adds a level of safety the homeowners were looking for.
                                         BEFORE                                                                                             AFTER
It is amazing how something as simple as carpet can transform a space.  Even a space you may over look on a daily basis.  The color of the carpet was a perfect choice for this home with its style in mind.  Simple and elegant.  

Karastan Cascade View

Synthetic fiber
Multiple colors available

Subtle pattern to add an eye catching appeal.  Beautiful in any room in your home. Warm and inviting in neutral tones.